Bars Test Patrons Against Pre-Drinking, 200 Whales Die, and More News

Erica Lee

Bars are testing patrons against pre-drinking. 200 whales die in mass stranding. Kelly Clarkson gets Hollywood Walk of Fame star. Fetuses in the womb have shocking reactions to mothers’ food consumption, and more news. Bars testing patrons against pre-drinking, deny entry for safety With inflation making finances tight for everyone, …

Lizzo Claims She’s Oppressed, Ozzy Leaving the U.S., and More News

Erica Lee

Lizzo claims she’s oppressed, Ozzy is leaving the US, Greenland ice sheet to raise sea levels by a foot, 11-year-old boy tops Hawking and Einstein in IQ test, and sons take revenge on dad who won’t share $3.1 million lottery winnings. During VMA speech, Lizzo claims she’s oppressed While accepting …





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