Haiti Kidnappers Demand $17 Million for US Missionaries and More News

Erica Lee

Haiti gang wants $17 million to return US abductees, Teachers told to offer “opposing” views to Holocaust, Prince William blasts billionaires over space race, Teen with Airsoft rifle killed by police, and Greta Thunberg sings. Haiti gang demands $17 million in ransom for kidnapped American and Canadian missionaries The 400 …

Jason Aldean Controversy, $84k Art Swindle, and More News

Erica Lee

An artist who was given $84K returned blank canvases titled “Take the Money and Run,” Amazon introduces new home robot; lottery winner drowns with ticket in pocket; Jason Aldean political clothing controversy. An artist who was given $84K produced blank canvases entitled “Take the Money and Run” The Kunsten Museum …

Trump Files $100M Suit Against NYT Over Tax Story and More News

Erica Lee

Former President Donald Sharp has filed a $100 million lawsuit against his knees and the New York Times over a report on his tax records, officials say DHS releasing Haitian immigrants into the US and more top stories. Trump sues his niece and New York Times for $100M over story …





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