Biggest fungus outbreak in US history, Bank mass shooting, and More News


100 people at Michigan paper mill struck by biggest fungus outbreak in US history, 12 shot at Kentucky bank leaving 4 dead, Taylor Swift breaks up with a longtime boyfriend, Why not to buy your kids blue swimsuits, Strange animal stumps Texas Park officials and more news.

100 people at Michigan paper mill struck by biggest fungus outbreak in US history – kills 1 in 100

Nearly 100 people have been infected and a dozen hospitalized after being diagnosed with a rare fungal infection – Blastomyces – at a northern Michigan paper mill. Officials are calling it the largest fungus outbreak in US history, and believe it arrived at the factory on moist and rotten wood in Escanaba. Roughly 6,700 cases occur in the US each year, resulting in about 60 deaths, according to estimates, the Daily Mail reported.

Gunman shoots at least 12 at Kentucky bank, 4 dead

A mass shooting at a bank in downtown Louisville, Kentucky, left nine injured, including two police officers, one of whom is in critical condition, while four people were killed. The shooter is an alleged disgruntled employee or former employee of the bank, WLKY reported. Officers arriving on the scene at around 8:30 AM at Old National Bank on Main Street exchanged gunfire with the shooter. It was unclear whether the shooter died from police gunfire or a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Two of the dead were reportedly a “very close friend” and a “close friend,” Kentucky governor Andy Beshear said, Yahoo reported.

Taylor Swift breaks up with longtime boyfriend

After six years of dating and engagement rumors galore, singer Taylor Swift has broken up with her boyfriend, British actor Joe Alwyn.

“Taylor and Joe broke up a few weeks ago,” a source close to Taylor told CNN. “They simply grew apart and plan to remain friends.”

“It was not dramatic,” a source told Entertainment Tonight. “The relationship had just run its course. It’s why Alwyn hasn’t been spotted at any [Eras] shows.”

Swim instructor warns parents: Don’t buy blue swimsuits – here’s why

A swimming instructor is warning parents not to buy their children blue swimsuits, particularly one-piece bathing suits, the New York Post reported. She posted a video, using her daughter as a model, demonstrating how the blue suit acts as camouflage in the water,  making it difficult to spot and watch the child. The child became even more invisible when swimming underwater.

Park officials scratching their heads over mystery animal cameras caught at Rio Grande Valley

Park officials and Rio Grande Valley taxes are scratching their heads, as well as the public is stumped, over a “mystery animal” that was captured by a night-vision camera, the New York Post reported. The strange-looking animal is short, stout, and furry. Last week, officials posted photos on Facebook asking the public to take a guess.

The majority of comments from the public said it was likely an American badger (not to be confused with the honey badger that lives in Africa and Asia). The American badger is not commonly seen in the area, both due to its nocturnal behavior and because the area is not part of its natural range.