5 Interior Design Trends to Make Your House Gorgeous!


This year, designers are moving away from the tech-influenced trends for interior decor we saw last year, going the opposite direction by moving towards more natural materials. Here’s your guide to what’s trending and new for the design of your home space.

interior trends

1. Going natural

The big trend is a movement towards the use of natural materials for a more organic feel. Foremost among these are stone, granite, copper and concrete. Copper accents will be especially big this year, with their red and orange, earthy hues.

2. Smooth as velvet

Getting as far away as possible from the harsh look of high-tech design, designers are going with soft, smooth, luxurious fabrics. Leading the way is the lush comfort of velvet. This is also highly compatible with another movement, which is 1970s retro (*see below).

3. Pink and beige

A pink and beige color palette will be a huge trend, bringing soft tones to home decor. These colors are also highly compatible with the trend of copper accents. Not only will these colors be big in home trends, but in fashion as well, allowing your wardrobe to match your furniture.

4. Geometric and floral patterns

Both geometric and floral patterns will be a huge design trend, available in tiles and wallpapers, as well as throw rugs. We’re talking big, bold, oversized patterns that really make a statement. This trend will also make its way into the world of fashion and your wardrobe.

5. 1970s retro

The look of the 1970s is coming back in a big way, from patterns, to fabrics, to textures, to curves, and even the color palette. However, don’t expect a complete cloning of 1970s chic, but rather something more like 70s-style 2.0. Designers will be adding their own twists that take this look in fresh new directions.