The Rock Snuggles Baby Yoda, Brutally Trolls Kevin Hart

Dwayne Johnson used Baby Yoda to brutally troll Kevin Hart on his Instagram page. In a new post, The Rock can be seen in an edited photo holding “The Child,” the breakout star of the new show “The Mandalorian.”

Johnson was quick to slip in a burn for his buddy Kevin Hart in the post, however.

Dwayne Johnson Continue to Troll Kevin Hart

The picture is doctored from an actual shot of Johnson holding his daughter, but she’s been digitally replaced by “The Child.”

In the caption for the Instagram post (which The Rock borrowed from a Twitter user who originally edited the photo) he doesn’t miss a chance to get a dig at longtime pal Kevin Hart.

The Rock snuggles a digitally-inserted Baby Yoda

“Thank you all so much for your well wishes, love & support. Can’t wait to bring this little nugget home to meet his brother @kevinhart4real.”

Of course, the multiple-purpose trolling is strong with The Rock, who simultaneously tells Hart “I am your father,” while also calling him short like a member of Yoda’s species.

A Long Tradition for The Rock and Kevin Hart

This isn’t a new thing for the buddies, either. Back in 2018, Johnson made a similar post with the same punchline: the photo of Johnson holding his daughter was edited to put a tiny Kevin Hart head where the baby’s should be. In that post, Johnson also referred to Hart as his son, and mocked him for his short stature.

Truly, this is a deep vein that keeps yielding comedy gold for the duo. Of course, the real humor comes from the fact that it’s all in good fun: Johnson and Hart are actually great friends, and they’re not out to hurt one another. When fans laugh at their digs, they’re laughing with the actors, not at them. That makes the jokes that much better.

The Baby Yoda Memes, Though

The introduction of “The Child,” more commonly known as “Baby Yoda,” has been a huge source of memes for Star Wars fans on the internet. The cute little alien toddles about, eating frogs and using the Force, and has quickly become a standout character in a franchise already jam-packed with standout characters.

The Mandalorian is streaming now on Disney+.