Rotating Bum Implants Leave Woman in Agony, Turned ‘4-5 Times a Week’

A woman was left in agony after her bum implant surgery went horribly wrong, resulting in a major pain in the butt. Jabrena, a young woman from Georgia, got butt implants in an effort to make her backside look more appealing.

However, her implants instead became a sore spot for her as they were able to turn and flip inside the pocket made for them.

Jabrena discusses her butt imlpants
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How Did Her Butt Implants Get So Messed Up?

Jabrena, while speaking with TV show “Botched!” explained that she just wanted a “little, cute, nice toot butt and not this big honk that I have back here.” She told the reporters that “Two weeks after surgery, the swelling started to kind of go down and you could see the implant kind of on the side. It was like a crease. But about a month-and-a-half later, the implant flipped.”

The rotation of the implants was more than just painful: it resulted in some weird malformations in the glutes. Jabrena’s rear looked, simply put, weird. Her implants were misshapen, her butt hurt and she was furious with her surgeon. When she went to him in order to get the botched surgery fixed, he demanded $4,000 to perform the follow-up surgery.

The Second Opinion

When speaking to Dr. Dubrow of “Botched!”, Jabrena found out what had happened with her surgery. “Not only are the implants in a pocket that’s way too big, but they’re in the wrong plane in the pocket, allowing them to flip around too easily.” Yeah, that sounds like it would be a huge issue.

“The problem is, if I just take the implants out, she’ll have so much sagging skin and no projection that I’ll be trading one big problem for another even bigger problem.” In order to address this issue, Dr. Dubrow suggested that a fat flap transfer and butt lift would be in order to fix the issue. The first order, of course, was getting the 600cc implants out of her body.

The next step: 500ccs of fluid to fill the pocket left by the implants. This, followed by the lift, resulted in some enviable plastic surgery. Now, Jabrena has that picturesque booty she was aiming for from the start.