Rapper Tyga Hospitalized in the Middle of Tour, Fans are Worried

Tyga shared mysterious posts on Instagram that revealed he’s been hospitalized, and fans are seriously worried. At present, Tyga is in the middle of his Saudi Arabia tour.

According to people present at a recent show, he divulged he wasn’t feeling one hundred percent, but that he wouldn’t let that bring the show down.

Tyga wearing a surgical facemask

Tyga Under the Weather?

During a show in Mumbai on Friday, Tyga told the crowd he was “under the weather,” but that he didn’t want that to “bring the show down.” According to people who were in attendance, the fan-favorite rapper soldiered on and put on a great show for his fans.

“This is my first time in Mumbai, and I just love it here. I am a bit under the weather, but I thought to myself that this is my first gig in Mumbai, and I cannot cancel it for my fans’ sake.

“And you know what? It’s totally worth coming all the way from Los Angeles and performing for you all.”

Tyga Hospitalized in Abu Dhabi

Following his remarks, Tyga posted on Instagram with a surgical mask covering half his face, saying he had been hospitalized. In a follow-up post, Tyga photographed the hospital room he was in, saying “Thank you to the doctors in Abu Dhabi for treating me with the best care.”

He didn’t reveal what he had been admitted for, however, leaving fans worried about him. Most were concerned beyond simply missing shows: they were genuinely worried for his well-being. Falling ill is never fun, but needing to be hospitalized in a foreign country can be downright scary.

Don’t Call it a Comeback

Tyga’s having quite the moment in the sun in 2019. Following his fiery debut, the crowd-pleasing rapper was a bit quiet for a few years. When asked about his “comeback of the year,” Tyga kept a level head and was humble about his place in the rap game.

“I never said it. If people feel that way, that’s cool. That goes to show everything I’m doing is finally getting noticed, which is good.

“I just want to keep collaborating with different artists, keep doing new music.”