Children at Risk: COVID-19 Causing Health Problems, Doctors Warn


Doctors have released an urgent alert in the UK. This is thanks to a new coronavirus-related condition that they’re starting to see in children.

 a little boy wears a medical mask

Doctors See Increase in Coronavirus-Related Health Issues in Children

Since few children have died from COVID-19, experts believed the virus didn’t affect them badly. This has baffled doctors, because children are “super-spreaders” of similar viral illnesses.

But a new alert warns that there has been an “apparent rise in the number of children of all ages presenting with a multi-system inflammatory state requiring intensive care across London and also other regions of the UK.” This has happened increasingly over the last three weeks.

The Paediatric Intensive Care Society added to the NHS England alert, saying:

“There is a growing concern that a [COVID-19] related inflammatory syndrome is emerging in children in the UK, or that there may be another, as yet unidentified, infectious pathogen associated with these cases.”

It isn’t yet known how many children have been affected. However, it appears to be a rare complication.

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Symptoms Also Appear in Children Who Have Not Tested Positive

Doctors have seen the illness in both children who tested positive for COVID-19 and those who did not.

Certain characteristics of the illness are typical of severe COVID-19. Others share features common with toxic shock syndrome and atypical Kawasaki Disease. Both conditions cause blood vessels to become swollen and inflamed.

Gastrointestinal symptoms and abdominal pain “have been a common feature” of this illness, including cardiac inflammation. Some symptoms include diarrhea and vomiting.

Officials haven’t yet offered clarity as to how many children have been affected. It is thought to have only affected a “handful” of children so far, however.

Doctors are now being asked to immediately refer any patients showing signs of those symptoms.

Boris Johnson Returns to Work, Says He Cannot Ease Lockdown 

After his battle with coronavirus, Boris Johnson is now back to work as of Monday. Upon his return, he announced that the current coronavirus lockdown will remain in place.

He said that while there are signs the country is “turning the tide” against COVID-19, it is still too early to lift restrictions.

The virus has affected more than three million people worldwide. Almost one million of those cases reside in the United States alone.

People with existing health conditions seem to be most at risk, such as those undergoing atrial fibrillation treatment.

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