Cheating Fishermen Get Multiple Felonies, New Hangover Pill and More News


Cheating fishermen charged with multiple felonies – Musk’s hyperloop could be the fastest travel method ever – Egyptians want Rosetta Stone returned – Miracle hangover pill – World’s heaviest pumpkin sets record

Fishermen who cheated at championship charged with multiple felonies

At an Ohio fishing championship on September 30, Chase Cominsky, 35, from Pennsylvania, and his partner, Jake Runyon, 42, from Ohio, were discovered to have cheated. The fishermen filled fish with weights in order to win the $28,760 prize money. However, judges were suspicious and cut the fish open and discovered the attempted fraud, TMZ reported.

The two men were indicted in Cleveland on Wednesday on felony charges of cheating, attempting grand theft, and possessing criminal tools, Sports Illustrated reported.

Musk’s hyperloop could be fastest travel method ever

Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk is championing hyperloop technology for public transport that could become the fastest way to travel anywhere in the world, Unilad reported. The “hyperloop,” a term popularized by Musk, is essentially a gigantic tube that uses magnets to levitate a pod full of people to the other end at great speeds. The technology is similar to those used with magnetic trains. Musk has some competition in this arena, as Virgin has also successfully tested its own version of the transportation system, sending two passengers in a pod moving at over 100 mph. They are aiming for a pod that will hold over 20 people by 2030.

Egyptians want the Rosetta Stone and other ancient artifacts returned

Thousands of Egyptians are calling for the repatriation of the Rosetta Stone from the British Museum to its home country. Almost exactly 200 years ago, the iconic artifact helped scientists decode Egyptian hieroglyphs. The stone has been in the hands of the English since Napoleon gave it up, along with 16 other artifacts, as part of the Treaty of Alexandria in 1801. Egyptians are also seeking other unique artifacts returned, NPR reported.

“Miracle” hangover pill can burn off 70% of alcohol and calories

A new pill named Myrkl (pronounced like “miracle”) promises to provide two great benefits in one. The first is to reduce the symptoms of a hangover by breaking down up to 70 percent of alcohol within 60 minutes of drinking. Further, it can also burn away 70 percent of the calories accumulated from drinking booze. The initial study was only conducted on the small scale, but another six-month-long study has been completed with “promising results,” LADBible reported.

Minnesota horticulture teacher grows record-breaking massive pumpkin

A Minnesota horticulture teacher has set a US record for growing the heaviest pumpkin on record, weighing in at a massive 2,650 pounds, CBS reported. Travis Gienger broke a record set last week in New York, where another grower raised a pumpkin weighing 2,554 pounds.