Real-Life ‘Snakes on A Plane’ Causes Panic and More News


A United Airlines flight has ‘snakes on a plane’ incident – Biden and National Archives sued over JFK records – Apple fined $19M for selling iPhones without chargers – One year of California fires undoes 18 years of climate efforts – Woman finds terrifying discovery in her eye

United Airlines flight has real-life snakes on a plane incident

Who can forget the iconic 2006 film Snakes on a Plane starring Samuel L. Jackson, when deadly venomous snakes come wriggling out into the passenger section mid-flight?

Life imitated art on Monday when shrieking erupted from passengers in the business class on United Airlines flight 2038 departing Tampa, Florida, for Newark, New Jersey, WSB-TV Atlanta reported.

Luckily, the situation didn’t have the same effect as the film, with no passengers or flight staff injured. When the plane landed at Liberty International Airport, airport wildlife operation staff were there to meet the plane and remove the reptile, which turned out to be a garter snake that was subsequently released into the wild. Garter snakes are found throughout Florida and are neither venomous nor aggressive.

Biden and National Archives sued over JFK assassination records,

President Biden and the National Archives and Records Administration has been sued by the Mary Ferrell Foundation, a nonprofit organization and online database containing the most comprehensive archive of records pertaining to the assassination of John F. Kennedy, for postponing the release of roughly 15,000 documents concerning the former president’s murder.

The lawsuit accuses federal officials of acting outside the law by failing to make reductions available to the public and “depriving” researchers and historians of the opportunities to learn about the JFK assassination, one of the most widely discussed political assassinations of the 20th century, CBS reported.

Apple fined $19 million for selling iPhones without chargers

A court in Brazil slapped Apple with a $19 million fine after it ruled the technology company must include chargers with new iPhones sold in the South American country. The court ruled Apple treated consumers in an abusive manner by selling their product without chargers, an essential accessory that otherwise prevents them from using their device and forces them to spend more money, LADBible reported. Apple argued they were reducing carbon emissions by not including the chargers.

One year of California fires undoes 18 years of emission reductions

A new study published by researchers at the Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago concluded that wildfires in California in 2020 alone produced 127 million metric tons (MMT) of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). This amount completely negated the decline of 65 MMT tons of GHG that California’s 18-years’ worth of reductions since 2003, Fox reported.

“Wildfire emissions in 2020 essentially negate 18 years of reductions in GHG emissions from other sectors by a factor of two,” the report said.

Woman had 23 contact lenses stuck under her eye

A woman showed up at her ophthalmologist complaining that something was stuck in her eye. Upon examination, the doctor found that the woman, who is in her 70s, had a total of 23 daily disposable contact lenses stuck deep underneath her eyelid.

However, this is not the most extreme case. British doctors discovered 27 contact lenses in the eye of a 67-year-old woman in 2017, Today reported.