Professor Fired After Class Deemed Too Hard, Why We Get Déjà Vu, and More News


NYU fires a professor whose class was too hard, while scientists discover why we get déjà vu. Survey shows 61% of millennials would now quit if forced to work five days at office, doctors discover man was still alive when sent to morgue, and more news.

NYU fires professor after students complain his chemistry class was too hard

A professor at NYU says he was fired after students complained his chemistry class was too difficult. Eighty-two of Maitland Jones’ 350 students signed a petition saying he had made his class too difficult and it was his fault they were getting failing grades, the New York Post reported. Jones, who authored the 1,300-page textbook Organic Chemistry, wrote a grievance to NYU published by the New York Times. He stated kids were not coming to class, not studying hard enough, not watching the videos, and weren’t able to answer the questions. “We now see single digit scores and even zeros,” Jones said.

Scientists discover why we get déjà vu

We all get that “been there, done that” feeling we all call déjà vu, or what the dictionary defines as something “you have already experienced in the past that is happening to you now.” Scientists believe it is due to spatial resemblance. They think déjà vu occurs when there is the spatial resemblance of a new scene to one in memory that can’t consciously be called to mind in the moment. The phenomenon is triggered by an arrangement of elements they’ve viewed earlier but can’t recall, Unilad reported.

61% of millennials would now quit if have to work 5 days at office

During the pandemic, many employees shifted to working remotely. Now it seems, having gone down that road, many are not willing to go back to the way things were. A majority of millennials–61 percent according to a new study–said they would quit their jobs immediately if they were forced to work in the office five days a week. Of those surveyed, 88 percent said they worked from home at least once per week.

Doctors discover man was still alive when sent to morgue

A man receiving palliative care at Rockingham General Hospital in Perth, Australia, was sent to the morgue by nurses who believed he was dead. They placed him in a body bag, and he was whisked off to cold storage, the Daily Mail reported. This was done without certifying the man’s death.

It was only when an organ donation organization had a doctor go on-site at the morgue to certify death that the horrifying discovery was made. After unzipping the body bag, the doctor found fresh blood on the man’s hospital gown, his limbs in a different position than they had been reportedly placed in, and his eyes open, LADBible reported. The fresh blood indicated to the doctor that the man had been alive when he arrived at the morgue. Worse, the doctor alleges that the hospital pressured him to backdate the death certificate after the unfortunate discovery was made. The hospital is now under investigation.