YouTube to Offer Students Discounted Premium Music and Video Subscriptions

It’s a given that students love music but are cash-strapped to purchase music, and as such, YouTube announced today it is offering lower-cost subscription plans to its music streaming service, as well as, its ad-free version of YouTube and its YouTube Originals content.


Meeting a much needed demand

Students simply cannot afford to purchase the music they love or pay the prices of streaming services such as Apple, Spotify and others. Cost is also a barrier to students who may want to watch the new YouTube movies and original series the network is launching on its YouTube Originals channel that are only available to subscribers of YouTube Premium.

Understanding this, YouTube it is now the first company to step forward with a solution for money-challenged students who want to save money on streaming music and video content.

YouTube will offer a $5 discount to eligible students on both its premium music and video services.

Even better, YouTube will lock in the discounted price for the entire duration of a student membership, up to four years.

YouTube Music Premium

YouTube’s streaming music service, YouTube Music Premium, offers ad-free streaming music, as well as the ability to download and listen off-line.

The current pricing is $9.99 per month.

However, the discount for eligible students will drop the price to just $4.99 per month.

Lower prices for YouTube Premium

Last year, YouTube’s re-branded its ad-free service YouTube Red as YouTube Premium. YouTube Premium offers a number of features for watching videos, including no ads, downloading videos to watch off-line, background play and access to its original series and movies – YouTube Originals.

The current pricing for YouTube Premium is $11.99 per month.

However, the discount for eligible students will lower the price to only $6.99 per month.