Woman Discovers ‘Dead’ Ex-Boyfriend at a Restaurant


A woman thought her ex-boyfriend was dead before she just happened to discover him working at a restaurant she was visiting. The woman, Rachel, began dating the man when she was 18 and he was 21.

He worked as a chef at the time and fell into debt after he broke his hand. Since he was a chef, he couldn’t exactly work with a broken hand.

woman discovers her dead ex boyfriend at restaurant feat

Following his injury, the boyfriend asked Rachel to loan him around $700 so he could make ends meet. Rachel, wanting to look out for her boyfriend, was happy to loan him the money. However, shortly after, he vanished without a trace.

Why Did Her Boyfriend Pretend He Wasn’t Alive?

Rachel was more than a little freaked out when her boyfriend simply vanished. She reached out to his friends to see if they’d heard from him, and many of them gave conflicting stories. The common thread among them, however, was that he had gone to rehab. This was surprising to Rachel, who didn’t even realize he had drug problems.

A few weeks later, Rachel heard from her boyfriend’s mother that he was no longer living. According to the mom, her son owed a biker gang considerable debts and they took matters into their own hands.

Rachel, being young and heartbroken, didn’t think to do any fact-checking. She hadn’t heard from him in weeks and believed what his mother had told her. Why would she question the man’s own mother?

Her Boyfriend Came Back to Life?

Two years later, Rachel found out her late boyfriend’s brother worked at a local restaurant. She went by there to have a meal and catch up, and asked her waitress if the brother was working that day. A little confused, the waitress told Rachel no, but that his brother was working.

You can imagine the scene when Rachel found out that her boyfriend had quite literally faked not living anymore to avoid paying her back the money he owed her. In Rachel’s own words, she made quite a scene at the restaurant when she saw her ex, and the resulting pandemonium saw him get fired from the job.

It just goes to show: if you’re going to fake something like that, you should at least change your name and move to a different city.