Girl Texts Dead Father Every Day for 4 Years, Finally Gets Reply Back…


You’ll need a tissue after reading the reply that Chastity Peterson got after messaging her late father’s number every day for four years.

Following her father’s passing, Chastity continued to send messages to his number updating him about her life. It was a way for her to cope with the loss and something of a personal journal.

Chastity Patterson girl gets text from her dead father 4 years later feat

You can imagine her surprise on Thursday when, on the eve of the anniversary of her father’s death, she got a text back from his number.

She had posted a long message to him, recounting her ups and downs, from beating cancer to graduating from college. The response to her message was downright heartwarming.

What Did the Response from her ‘Dead’ Father Say?

Chastity got a text back from her late father’s number from a man named Brad. Brad had gotten a phone with the number shortly after Chastity’s father passed away and had been seeing her sweet messages to her lost father for years.

He divulged to Chastity that he didn’t want to message her back at first because he didn’t want to break her heart, but he had been delighted to see her updates.

Brad lost his daughter in a tragic car accident in 2014, and it put him in a low place. The updates from Chastity, informing her late dad of her progress through life, touched his heart and showed him that life has a funny way of comforting us.

Why Did Brad Finally Write Chastity Back?

Brad decided, finally, to write Chastity back when she sent a long message describing how her life was going now that she had graduated college (with honors!).

He told her his story, and how much her daily updates meant to him, calling her his angel and claiming that the contact with her even saved his life.

Chastity Patterson girl gets text from her dead father 4 years later

Brad touchingly said he hoped his daughter would have grown into the kind of woman that Chastity is, and that he thinks her father would be so proud of her, the way he is.

Chastity shared their text exchange on social media, where it garnered hundreds of thousands of shares and reactions, touching the hearts of many.