Unicorn Puppy Found with Tail Growing on its Head

A tail is growing out of this puppy’s forehead, and it left the rescue that found it completely baffled. After much testing and a vet’s OK, it appears that this pup is completely healthy… just a little bit more unique than the average dog.

Have you ever seen a tiny unicorn dog? We didn’t think so!

Puppy with tail growing out of its forehead
Facebook | Mac the Pitbull

Scroll down to see this puppy in his full unicorn glory, and find out how you can have him as your newest family member!

The Rescue that Found This Tiny, Fuzzy Narwhal Dog

Mac’s Mission is a dog rescue organization based out of Cape Girardeau, Missouri that says they specialize in rescuing “pitbulls and underdogs”. Over half a million people like and follow Mac’s Mission on Facebook alone, so it’s not surprising that their newest addition has gotten so much attention.

The posts with the pup have gotten thousands of shares, comments, and likes since they originally picked up this unicorn dog, and the shelter says that they are thankful for the attention.

The story going viral “helps ALL our special needs dogs here at the Mission. You are welcome.” One post said, featuring a close-up of the tailface.

The pooch, named “Narwhal the Little Magical Furry Unicorn” (or Narwhal for short), was picked up with an older dog last weekend and immediately shared on Facebook.

Does the Face Tail Wag? Does It Hurt?

Don’t worry, Narwhal has gone through extensive vet tests, including an x-ray, to determine if there is anything wrong with his adorable and unique face. And the results are in – he seems perfectly fine!

Puppy with tail growing out of its forehead
Facebook | Mac the Pitbull

The vet determined that the tail isn’t actually connected to anything important, and there is no medical reason to remove it. Sadly, it won’t wag when he’s excited, but that’s something we just have to get over.

Can You Adopt Narwhal? Not Quite Yet…

The shelter isn’t just holding onto their unicorn puppy for good PR or attention, though that might be part of it. Running a shelter is expensive, we can’t be mad!

In a post that details the medical attention Narwhal has gotten, Mac’s Mission has said that they are going to hold onto Narwhal for a little while longer, so he won’t be available for adoption quite yet.

They want to let this little dog, which is quite young, grow up some more before facing the world all on his own, as well as ensure that the tail doesn’t pose any problems later in life.

We have no doubt that there will be a line out the door to adopt this unique puppy, who has melted hearts everywhere.