Arby’s Forbids Misbehaving Children from Premises, Angers Parents

Only well-behaved children are allowed in this Arby’s location, located in Elk River, Minnesota.

While many fast-food employees may have dreamed of the day they could ban food fights and children leaving giant messes, many think this is taking that idea a little too far.

Getty Images | Kare11 via Today

The note on the door says it all: if your child can’t sit still and not spill food, they will be asked to leave. Is this Arby’s taking itself a little too seriously?

One Parent Outraged at Arby’s Notice

While running errands last week, Christine Hemsworth – mother of 5 children, though she only had 3 in tow with her at the time – wanted to stop into Arby’s for some quick food. Hemsworth had her toddler with her and knew that a fast-food restaurant was the best bet.

She was shocked when she went to walk in and saw a sign on the door that made their policy on kids clear. If they couldn’t behave themselves, they weren’t welcome in the establishment.

The policy, printed out and taped to the front door that starts with “Notice” says, “Only well behaved Children who can keep their foods on their trays and their bottoms on their seats are welcome. If you can’t do this you will be asked to leave.”

The note ends with “Thanks” as if you had a choice in the matter.

Hemsworth gambled and ate there anyway (she had a coupon, we can’t blame her), but she felt uncomfortable with the message and worried about her young child. She posted the picture of the notice on her Facebook at night, and when she woke up the next morning, she was shocked to discover hundreds of comments and shares.

 sign posted at Arbys in Minnesota forbiding misbehaving children
Christine Hennessey-Hemsworth via Today

The internet was as outraged (mostly) as she was.

Arby’s Finally Apologized, But Is It Enough?

Once the story went viral, and a local news team picked it up, Arby’s issued a statement apologizing for their actions. They say that the “language on the sign was insensitive”, and it has since been removed.

The statement also said that the manager and team “working at the restaurant” has been “disciplined”, but there are no details on what exactly that means.

Saying the language on the sign is “insensitive” doesn’t negate the fact that the sign exists, either – at what point does a toddler become such an issue in a fast-food restaurant that they are asked to leave?

“It does not reflect our company values and the family-friendly environment we aim to provide in all of our restaurants.”

Most social media comments are poking fun at the restaurant, with one user saying that “when I want to have a pleasant and quiet sit down meal with my family, I immediately consider Arby’s.”