Apple Has Plans to Kill this Wildly Popular Program – Will You Be Affected?

If you love this particular Apple Program, there is a good chance you aren’t alone. Despite that, Apple has plans to kill this popular program that is used by millions daily.

apple kill itunes feat
There are over 35 million songs, 2 million apps, 25,000 television shows, and 65,000 films all available for users to purchase. Despite this, Apple is expected to announce the death of iTunes at the Apple developers conference.

What Will Replace It?

Many specialists expected this day was coming as consumers interests shift to streaming their content, instead of purchasing it outright. Apple is going to launch three new apps for the Mac that will handle TV, music, and podcasts on their devices, making it similar to how Apple phones and other iOS devices work.

If there is any hope that this is a false report, the Instagram and Facebook pages of iTunes have been completely scrubbed of posts. Apple is focusing its attention not on purchasing songs or televisions shows outright but to apps like Apple Music, which allows millions of subscribers to access over 45 million songs whenever they choose for less than $10/month.

Other announcements expected at the developer’s conference include iOS updates, improvements to the health features of watchOS, and gaming settings on iOS devices to improve battery life.