Still Alive After Death, Says Researchers-What You’re Able to Hear


In recent studies, a team of researchers says that even after death, you’re still alive. There are reports that after you pass your body is still fully conscious, even when you’re showing no other signs of life.

Shutterstock via thepoochtimes still alive and aware after death says researchers
Shutterstock via thepoochtimes

Near-Death Experiences are No Longer Considered a Hoax

For a long time, there have been reports of people having near-death experiences. When they come to, they describe themselves as having been conscious and able to see and hear. Previously these claims were approached with skepticism and would be dismissed as made up.

A new study reports that a person is actually aware that they’re deceased. They can hear a doctor pronounce them dead, but are obviously unable to respond. In the cult classic 1990’s film, Flatliners, medical students tempt fate by stopping their hearts while trying to experience the afterlife.

While these recent studies weren’t approached in quite the same way as the film, the research team had the same question in mind: what happens when you die? Do you know you’re dead?

Scientific Evidence of Humans Having a Soul

The team studied a group of patients who had been previously reported dead. A time of death was called due to cardiac arrest and then they were then revived. These patients for all intent and purposes were lifeless. Their hearts had stopped, blood was no longer circulating, and there was no brain activity.

After successful resuscitation, these people described being able to see and hear full conversations after being pronounced dead. They could give details that should have otherwise been unknown to them.

The goal of the study was to learn what happens to the human mind after death. Researchers are also wondering how someone who was brought back changes from the experience. There have been reports of people having a near-death experience who came back positively transformed and went on to drastically change their lives.

Going through something as profound as these near-death experiences can have a massive effect on the human psyche.

This research has lead to more questions as to where the human consciousness comes from if the brain can be non-functioning but the person still has awareness. Is it a spiritual consciousness? Is this the first scientific evidence of a soul?

The researchers plan to continue their studies on the subject matter.