Star Trek Actor Dies at Age 50, Beloved By Fans Worldwide

This well-known and loved actor died on Saturday. He was a regular on numerous Star Trek alliterations over the years, though he is best known for his reoccurring role on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

The news was announced by his widow, who he had recently eloped with and was planning a big wedding soon with friends and family.

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Aron Eisenberg was just 50.

His Best Role

While Eisenberg had well over 20 acting credits to his name, Star Trek fans will know him best for his role as Nog on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Nog was the very first Ferengi to join Star Fleet.

Throughout the show, you see Nog move from a position of a simple employee to an Operations Officer. In the first few seasons, he was just a bar employee, dreaming of making it on Starfleet!

For those “in the know” of the Star Trek universe, Nog was the son of Rom and the nephew of Quark. Eisenberg played Nog over all seven seasons of Deep Space Nine, for a total of 47 episodes he was featured in.

Other Parts Played

It’s unclear whether Eisenberg was really passionate about Star Trek (probably!), or if they were really passionate about him, but he is credited with working on several other Star Trek projects over the years.

He reprised his role as Nog in 2010 in Star Trek Online, the Star Trek MMO, and played Fraxnor in Star Trek: Renegades. He also played a main role in the short-lived science fiction TV series Blade of Honor as Raejin Tektonopolis.

Cause of Death

Right now, it’s unclear what took Eisenberg’s life, but according to close friends he had struggled with health issues his whole life, starting from birth when he had just one kidney, instead of two.

He underwent two kidney transplants over his lifetime, with his second being in 2015. It’s believed right now that he was rushed to the hospital in critical condition before he passed, but nothing more has been released.

Eisenberg’s widow, Malissa Longo, shared on her social media page that he had passed on Saturday. She described him as “intelligent, humble” and “funny”, and said that her husband “lived his life with such vigor and passion”.

The two had recently eloped, though most of their friends and family were unaware. They planned to have a large wedding to celebrate as soon as they saved enough for it.

“Five years felt like a lifetime, int eh best possible ways.” She shared of his passing.