Mom Embarrasses Bully Son in Best Possible Way


When she learned that her son was being rude to teachers and other classmates, this mother took the issue seriously. Instead of the normal discipline that you might see in these situations, like grounding, detention, and taking away electronics, she had a different approach.

Her solution? Sit with her son in his classroom. With all of his friends and teachers watching.

Kent Live WS mom embarrasses bully son feat
Kent Live WS

If that won’t mortify a teenage boy, nothing will.

The Issues at Hand

Becky Crandley had been seeing problems with her son, who is in Year 8, since last year in school. For the US readers, that’s about 7th grade, so 12-13 years old. While she assumed some of this was just “normal” growing up issues with boys, she was hoping that with the new school term, he would have a change of attitude.

Instead, it seems that he got worse.

While the school year has only just begun, she has received several phone calls from teachers complaining of her son’s behavior. Two calls back-to-back sealed his fate, and Crandley made the decision to follow through on the threat every mother has made at one point; “If you don’t behave, I’m going to come to school with you to make you behave.”

“…it’s his rudeness and disrespect I cannot stand.”

What She Did

This mother-of-five knew she had to do something drastic to help her son’s behavior. According to her, he has had “countless” detentions and isolations, but nothing seems to stick with him. She continues to get the same phone calls, and have the same conversations with teachers.

Her son’s last class period is math, at 2 pm. Her last-straw email came from this very teacher, so she decided this was the perfect time to put her plan into motion.

Crandley emailed the teacher back and asked if she could join them for a class that next week. The teacher readily agreed. “I was introduced as his mum.” She explained proudly. Her son had no clue that she was going to show up at the school.

She shared the incident on her social media, where it went viral almost immediately. Crandley said that the “one thing” she won’t tolerate from her children is disrespect and that her “eldest has been rude recently in secondary school towards his female teachers.”

“I think more parents need to act upon their children’s behavior.” According to her, his face turned bright red. Here’s to hoping her son really did learn a lesson, and that she didn’t just scar the boy for life!