Samaritan Smashes Car Window to Save ‘Dog’ but Gets Surprise


An unknown person in a parking lot thought they were doing the right thing when they smashed a car window to rescue a puppy.

Imagine their surprise when they discovered that the puppy wasn’t actually a puppy at all, but was actually a toy dog that belonged to a child.

window smashed to save puppy

Window Shattered, Dog Turns Out to be a Toy

The toy is called a Perfect Petzzz, and it is designed to look like a sleeping puppy that “breathes” when you turn it on. According to a Facebook post written by the owner of the car, it was left in the car by their daughter, and was mistaken for a real puppy sleeping inside the hot vehicle. They returned to the vehicle after about 20 minutes to find the window smashed to pieces.

The unknown samaritan apparently fled the scene after breaking the window and finding out that the puppy was a toy, leaving the owner of the car with the financial responsibility of fixing the shattered window.

We have to admit, these stuffed animals look pretty realistic.