Rapper Lil Reese Involved in Car Violence, Critically Injured

Lil Reese is in grave condition after being shot in the neck area, according to police reports coming out of Chicago. While it was originally reported that he had succumbed to his injuries, it appears that he survived and made it to a local hospital.

Details are still unclear, and right now police have released no information on the suspect. Lil Reese (real name Tavares Taylor) has been in trouble with the law several times before this, but this appears to be the first time it has landed him in the hospital.

Rapper Lil Reese
Getty via TMZ

Fast Facts About Lil Reese’s Shooting

There’s a lot of new and emerging information about this story, as police trickle details and eye witness reports come in, so we’re going to give you some fast facts about the Lil Reese shooting, and what we know for sure right now.

According to reports, Taylor was involved in a car chase that took him through the Country Club Hills suburb of Chicago, Illinois, where he is originally from. Reese was apparently driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee and being chased by another vehicle.

Police believe the second car involved is a white, grey, or silver sedan, maybe a Chevy Malibu or a car with a similar body type. It is thought to have Wisconsin plates. There is no description for the shooter right now.

When police finally caught up with the car chase, they found Taylor’s jeep empty with blood on the seat. Reports say that the vehicle was shot as many as 12 times. Reese was nowhere to be found, however.

Lil Reese Raced To The Hospital

Someone close to Taylor rushed this emerging rapper to the hospital instead of waiting for emergency vehicles, as police discovered when they heard reports of a man who was suffering a gunshot wound to the neck.

A spokesman for the hospital said that Reese is listed as being in critical condition as of right now, but there is no word on further details from the hospital or an official PR person for the rapper.

What Was The Lil Reese Shootout About?!

Police have released zero information on what they think the car chase and resulting shootout between Lil Reese and the unknown sedan driver was, but that’s probably because they just don’t know yet.

Lil Reese is no stranger to issues with the law – since dropping out of high school his junior year, he has been arrested several times, including twice in 2016 for theft (he lifted a 2006 BMW) and marijuana possession, and in 2014 for felony possession of a firearm.

The only real word on Reese’s condition is a tweet from Lil Durk, a close friend and fellow rapper, that simply tweeted “Reese good” with a blue heart.