Cheating Boyfriend’s Secret Facebook Discovered by Girlfriend


A distraught woman caught her boyfriend cheating in one of the oddest ways possible. She discovered that he had a secret, backup Facebook account he used to contact other women in order to cheat on her.

Lilly, who lives in Perth in Western Australia, says she found her boyfriend’s backup account while cleaning his place for him while he was out drinking with his pals.

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The Girlfriend’s Secret Facebook Discovery

Lilly says that she was dating her boyfriend for about three years when she made the discovery. She was over at his place and he was out drinking with some buddies. She decided, on a whim, to help clean his place up a bit. She bumped into the mouse of his computer, which woke it from sleep mode and it showed a Facebook profile with a different profile picture than she was used to seeing.

At first, she thought her boyfriend looked cute in the image and figured it was just a new profile picture she hadn’t seen yet. When she looked more closely, however, she realized that he had his status set to “single” on this account. That’s when she noticed the messages from other women.

Boyfriend Cheating Through Facebook?

Lilly discovered that her boyfriend had been using this fake Facebook account as a way to talk to many other women. The most recent message on this page came from a woman claiming she was excited to see him that very evening.

“’I felt my heart break into a million pieces. I looked through his inbox and discovered dozens of flirtatious messages from other women. My face turned red as I realized he’d been having multiple affairs for over a year,” she stated in an interview with a local magazine.

What Happened After She Caught Her Boyfriend using Facebook to Cheat?

Lilly waited for her boyfriend, Dave, to get home from “drinks” before confronting him about the messages. She packed her things, called him a few choice names, and left. Months after their breakup, Lilly says she can still log in Dave’s account to see the messages he’s getting from other girls.

She says she somewhat feels bad about stalking him online, but isn’t in a hurry to let him know that he’s still being watched. After all, she says, he lied and cheated, so it’s okay, right?