Pelosi Doesn’t Want Trump Impeached She Wants Him ‘In Prison’

According to a recent report, in a closed-door meeting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she doesn’t want to see President Trump impeached. Instead, she wants to see him in prison.

pelosi wants trump in jail feat
pelosi wants trump in jail feat

Multiple Democratic sources have confirmed her statement, which was reportedly said on Tuesday while discussing the Mueller report and looking at options for impeachment or prosecution regarding the findings.

Pelosi Under Pressure

The House Speaker has come under pressure to start impeachment hearings for President Trump, but she has stated in the past that in order to make that happen she wants to see more bipartisan support for the move.

According to sources close to the Democrats, Pelosi ultimately would like to see the President voted out of office in 2020 so that criminal charges against him could move forward. There is no word on what exactly she would like to see him charged with, but she has stated publicly she finds his actions “are villainous to the Constitution of the United States.”