Obama Slams Trump, Calls Him Out On His ‘Biggest Mistake’


Former President Barack Obama didn’t hold back during a virtual meeting for Bloomberg Philanthropies.

Facing a group of mayors, Obama made his thoughts known about how the current administration is handling the coronavirus pandemic.

Former President Barack Obama with a concerned look on his face

Obama Points Out the ‘Biggest Mistake’ the Trump Admin Is Making

During the virtual meeting, Barack Obama said that “the biggest mistake any (of) us can make in these situations is to misinform.”

He continued, “Speak the truth. Speak it clearly…with compassion. Speak it with empathy for what folks are going through.”

Obama also spoke about the importance of surrounding yourself with intelligent people, especially during a crisis. “The more smart people you have around you, and the less embarrassed you are to ask questions, the better your response is going to be.”

Bloomberg’s group has held four virtual meetings so far with mayors. Two of the previous meetings including speeches held by former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

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Obama Pushes for Protecting the Public Over Economic Interests

Obama has been weighing in on the coronavirus outbreak, often offering a more cautious approach than President Trump. The former president has more strongly advocated for protecting public health instead of restarting economic activity.

He recently tweeted about relaxing current measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

This contrasts with recent tweets from President Trump, who urged that the economy must reopen “sooner rather than later.”

The Importance of Social Distancing During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Obama also stepped up to help Americans fight the ongoing pandemic. He did this by asking them to continue social distancing late last month.

This was also in contrast to Trump’s position at the time. He suggested that the country should open in two weeks in an effort to boost the economy.

Trump has since backed down from those comments. Instead, he opted for social distancing guidelines to remain in place until the end of the month.

Hopefully social distancing guidelines remain effective. Then, Americans who are most at risk, including those who could experience a stroke triggered by afib or other health issues, can remain protected.

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