Glitter Pills Making Poop Sparkle Just in Time for the Holidays

Is a sparkling dump in your future? Well, if you’re interested in dropping a sparkling poop, then there’s a product for you. People are actually making glitter pills that are supposed to help make your number two look like a disco ball.

That’s right, glitter pills. Designed, specifically, to be pooped out.

Capsules full of glitter

What’s a Glitter Pill?

A glitter pill is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a capsule, full of “food-grade” glitter, that you take if you want to crap something sparkly. In one sense, they’re a gag, born of the dumbest recesses of the internet. On the other hand, some people actually think they need to poop a sparkly log. This is truly a strange, real-world case of people thinking their poop doesn’t stink.

Wait, Should You be Eating Glitter?

If you’ve been thinking “hold up, you really shouldn’t be taking a capsule full of plastic art supplies,” then, congratulations, you’ve realized the problem with this product. As it turns out, the whole thing about pooping glitter is actually more of an internet rumor that the company who makes these capsules hasn’t exactly distanced themselves from.

According to the Ohio-based startup that makes these pills, they are “decorative ONLY” and “not made for human consumption.” However, the products are in pill form. Pills are meant to be consumed. Many of the descriptions of the items reference pooping glitter. It’s hard to see this as an avant-garde artistic choice.

The Problems with Glitter Poop Pills

Glitter is actually an incredibly harmful substance, and, according to marine scientists, one of the most common ocean pollutants. Glitter from various products makes up nearly ten percent of all ocean waste. Over eight million tons of glitter find their way into the ocean every day, according to some research.

As far as ingesting the plastic, you really should consider not doing so. Glitter can get lodged in parts of your intestines, which can cause a whole host of issues. Not only that, but ingesting large quantities of plastic could increase your risk for cancer. In short, you really shouldn’t be buying pills to make your poop sparkle. Come on, people.