Acrobat’s Horrific Plunge During Winter Wonderland Christmas Show

In a horrifying incident, an acrobat in the Zippos Circus Christmas show at the Winter Wonderland took a twelve-foot plunge during a show.

The circus, located in Hyde Park, was host to numerous children and families when one of the experienced acrobats had a serious fall.

Jackie Armstrong is shown performing an aeriel act in the Zippos Circus Christmas Show
Zippos Circus

How did the Acrobat Fall During the Winter Wonderland Show?

Jackie Louise Armstrong, an experienced acrobat, slipped from her harness and fell during the 6 PM show Saturday night. The fall was “horrific,” according to people present, as the acrobat slipped free from the harness and plummeted onto the stage with a loud crack. She was immediately tended to by first aid on-site.

Armstrong has ten years of experience as an acrobat and is regarded as an “excellent” performer by her employers. Following her fall, first aid in the venue called an ambulance and had her rushed to the hospital. It is currently unknown what the extent of her injuries is.

What Happened to the Winter Wonderland Show after the Acrobat Fell?

Guests to the circus were asked to leave following the acrobat’s fall. The show was ended early, and everyone in attendance was offered a free make-up show on Sunday. People who were at the show described what happened.

“I thought it was part of the act but when she didn’t get back up I knew something was wrong,” the person told a local newspaper. There were numerous children in attendance, according to people who were present. “I thought I heard her scream or wail, so hopefully she is conscious. But it looked terrible. People in the audience were coming out crying.”

Zippos Circus’s Statement about the Acrobat’s Fall

“Jackie is a very experienced artist whom we value dearly as part of our circus family,” stated the circus’s director and founder, Martin Burton. “Clearly we are concerned and offering her and her family our full support and sympathy at this time. At this stage we cannot comment further as we have no information on any injuries she may have sustained.”

Armstrong, who joined the circus shortly after she attended college, is also married to another performer, Valter Armstrong. The couple have a one-year-old daughter named Lexie.