First Human Case of Rare Bird Flu in China and More News


A Chinese man has been confirmed as the first case of a rare bird flu in humans; 7-year-old boy swims for an hour to get help for father; world’s largest meat producer targeted in cyberattack halting US production.

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First Case of Rare Bird Flu in Human Patient

A 41-year-old Chinese man has been confirmed with being infected by a rare bird flu, known as H10N3. It is the first known case of infection occurring in human beings.

The strain is thought not to spread easily from humans to humans, the BBC reported. There are many strains of bird flu, and it is not unheard of that individuals who work with poultry can occasionally get infected.

The man is a resident of Jiangsu province resident. He was diagnosed last week with the infection and has reportedly recovered and is ready for discharge. He was hospitalized on April 28 and diagnosed with H10N3 one month later, according to Beijing’s National Health Commission (NHC), who made the announcement on Tuesday.

“No human cases of H10N3 have been reported in the world,” the NHC said, according to a Global Times and BBC report. “This case is an occasional poultry-to-human cross-species transmission, and the risk of a large-scale spread is extremely low.”

Pint-Size Hero: 7-Year-Old Boy Swims for Hour To Get Help for Father and Little Sister

Authorities are calling a 7-year-old Florida boy a hero for likely saving the lives of his father and younger sister after the current became dangerous and left them stranded. The incident occurred over the weekend during a boating trip on St. Johns River in Florida, the Blaze reported.

The father anchored his boat in the river while he fished and the children played on Friday, Jax4 TV and Fox reported.

The boy said the current became too strong for his 4-year-old little sister, who was wearing a life vest, to hold onto the boat. He let go to stay with her. The father then jumped into the water to grab the girl. The father said he wore himself out trying to stick with both his children and the little girl drifted away from him.

The boy kept swimming, dog-paddling or floating on his back to keep from tiring. It took him about an hour to reach land. From there, he ran to the nearest house for help.

Crews were dispatched from the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Rescuers found the father and daughter about a mile from their boat.

The father and boy were not wearing life vests. Authorities say Florida law only requires life vests for children age 6 and under for a vessel under 26 feet long.

Cyberattack on World’s Largest Meat Producer Disrupts Global Production

Similar to the ransom where attack that shut down the Colonial Pipeline disrupting gasoline supplies, a cyber attack occurred over the weekend on the world’s largest meat company, disrupting production globally and shutting down all US plants.

The White House confirmed that Brazil-based meat processor JBS SA had notified the US government on Sunday of a ransom demand. The attack forced the company to shut down its supporting operations in the US, North America, and Australia, Bloomberg reported, citing an official from the United Food and Commercial Workers Union.

The White House believes the criminal organization is likely based in Russia and is engaging with the Kremlin on the issue, WXPI reported.