Ditch the Immature Décor and Learn to Decorate Like an Adult


Part of adulting is having a home that looks as though a grownup lives there. Dorm room chic is so over. Even if it’s your first place living on your own, you can class up the joint with a few simple tweaks.

Mason Jars

Pinterest lied to you. Mason jars aren’t all-purpose décor. The whole rustic farmhouse thing had its moment—and someday, people will look back in horror at all the burlap and mason jars the way we shudder at 80s style. Instead of putting flowers in an old spaghetti sauce jar, get a real vase. You’d be surprised at the ones you can find at a thrift store for just a few dollars.

Stuffed Animals

I know that Mr. Snuffles has a special place in your heart. But he no longer has a special place on your bed. Curl up with a chic throw pillow instead. Think about it this way: Would you want to go home with a date and see a teddy bear on their bed?


If you grew up in the 90s, futons seemed like the epitome of cool. Until you actually tried to sit or sleep on one, and discovered that they were uncomfortable, rickety, and impossible to use as a couch or a bed. Daybeds are much nicer; look for one with storage built in underneath to save space.

Mattress on the Floor

You know what’s worse than a futon? A sad mattress on the floor. A metal bed frame is not very expensive, and you can DIY a fabric-covered headboard. There’s no excuse for sleeping on the floor if you’re over 21. Go to IKEA and get a simple platform bed if you’re addicted to having your bed as close to the ground as possible.

Unframed Posters

C’mon. You know how this looks. Unframed movie posters and Monet prints belong in dorm rooms, not the home of a grownup. If you’re going to decorate like an adult, get some real frames and nicer prints. Better yet, support local artists by visiting craft fairs and markets to find one-of-a-kind art.

Sports Trophies

Yes, it’s very impressive that you won your junior karate tournament. But displaying old trophies as an adult seems a little odd. Even some Oscar winners feel embarrassed having their golden statues on display!

Ratty Fleece Blankets

Cheap throw blankets might be comfortable, but they don’t make a very good impression. Especially if they’re printed with sports logos or cute puppies. Upgrade to a classy knitted throw or silky velvet. Same snuggle factor, but without the childish style.


If you’re an adult without a real laundry hamper, you need to fix yourself! Put dirty clothes in a hamper with a lid, and once those clothes are washed, put them away in your closet and dresser.

“Inspirational” Quotes

Do you need to have the words “Keep on Dreaming” printed on that throw pillow? What about the wall decal in your bathroom that reads “Beach Hair, Don’t Care”? No, no you do not.