How to Wear 80s Retro Fashion


While the 90s revival dominated most of the year, the 80s are back for fall and winter of 2018. Between the Urban Outfitters/Laura Ashley capsule collection and the hot retro looks on the runways right now, it’s clear that 80s fashion trends are having a moment. Here’s how to wear them without looking like you’re wearing a Halloween costume.


Jumpsuits are like the bad guy in a horror movie. Every time you think they’re finally gone for good, they pop back up. The 80s saw a lot of brightly-colored jumpsuits paired with wide belts. You can find updated versions that are more tailored and in a modern color palette. You’ll still want some kind of belt to give definition to your waist, and a killer pair of heels!

Giant Earrings

Oh, the glamour! Giant sparkling earrings were a hallmark of 80s fashion trends. You can find plenty of vintage jewelry out there if you want to keep things authentic. Or you could stick with the spirit of the modern statement piece and look for oversized, geometrical jewelry.

Boxy Blazers

Hello, shoulder pads! Brands like Balenciaga and Saint Laurent are bringing back the hyper-big, square shoulder look. This is a power move and takes a certain amount of swagger to pull off. Plus, the broad shoulders naturally make your waist and hips look smaller by comparison.

If you’re going to try a boxy blazer, pair it with a casual white T-shirt and a pair of killer jeans.

Prairie Dresses

Way back in the early 80s, Laura Ashely and Gunne Sax were cranking out dresses that looked straight outta Little House on the Prairie. These ruffled, floral dresses are highly sought after by vintage clothing aficionados these days. Luckily, the Boho movement has kept the trend alive. Turn your Coachella look into New York Street Fashion with a pair of patent slingbacks and a cropped denim jacket.

Animal Print

It’s not an 80s revival party until somebody breaks out the animal print. The modern take on the classic cheetah, leopard, and zebra prints uses outlandish colors or metallic shine. Use sparingly, however, and don’t mix prints.

Electric Color Palette

Magenta. Teal. Cobalt Blue. Lipstick Red. Neon everything. Pair those bold shades with black or white, as well as metallic gold or silver. These are bold, high-contrast looks that aren’t for the faint of heart!


The Heathers featured the most iconic scrunchie of all time, but you too can rock one. Satin and velvet are easy on your hair, or you can liven things up with raw silk or a batik cotton. Honestly, they’re so comfortable that I hope they never go out of style again.