Climate Change Could Cause Humanity to End by 2050, According to New Study


A think tank released a paper this week in which they state that if something is not done, by 2050 humanity will have reached the point of no return due to climate change and global warming.

climate change end of humanity feat

The paper is published by The Breakthrough National Center for Climate Restoration and endorsed by former Australian defense chief Admiral Chris Barrie, who writes in a foreword that “after nuclear war, human-induced global warming is the greatest threat to human life on the planet.”

Guaranteed Destruction

Critics of this publication state that while it is ‘plausible’ that the findings are accurate, society is unlikely to see a collapse quite so soon. Many studies on the projected effect of climate change take the middle-road approach – this is instead looking at a worse case situation where climate change is an “existential threat to human civilization”.

The only solution that is offered within the paper is a worldwide zero-carbon energy, industrial and economic strategy. They argue that lawmakers and scientists both need to be planning for the worst, not hoping for the best.