World’s Oldest Person Dies at 119 and More News


The oldest person in the world has died at the age of 119; McDonald’s fans sound off on items to bring back, an electric Corvette coming next year, and a new study crowns the “most horny” city in the world–the surprising winner.

World’s oldest person dies at age 119

A woman in Japan who held the Guinness World Record for being the oldest living person in the world and the second-oldest living person on record has died aged 119, LADBible reports.

Kane Tanaka passed away in hospital last week. The cause of death was simply old age. Tanaka was born on January 2, 1903. She amazingly lived through the entire 20th century and lived 22 years into the 21st.

Tanaka outlived her husband, who died in 1993 at age 90. She had five children, Metro reports. She never remarried and moved into a retirement home in 2018.

Tanaka was reportedly the second-longest living person known on record. The record for the oldest living person is said to be French woman Jeanne Clement, who passed away in 1997 at age 122.

McDonald’s asked fans what menu items to bring back, here are the epic responses

A few days ago, McDonald’s tweeted this to its fans: “Bring back__.” The Street reports that the fast-food chain got some epic comments in response. Among the replies from around the world were: Cinnamon melts, chicken selects, crispy buttermilk tenders, McD.L.T., mighty wings, steak bagels, McPizza. All totaled, McDonald’s chicken wrap was the overwhelming favorite, even though they did not sell well when they were menu items.

GM says get ready for electric Corvette in 2023

General Motors says it first will produce an “electrified” version of its iconic Chevrolet Corvette next year to be followed by an all-electric version, GM President Mark Reuss announced on Monday, CNBC reported. GM has not specified whether the electrified version will be a traditional hybrid or plug-in hybrid vehicle.

New study ranks the most seductive cities in the world, and the winner is…

A new study ranked cities around the globe to find out which metropolis was deemed to be the “most seductive” city in the world, TimeOut reports. Of course, when you look at the criteria used in the study which included the number of strip clubs, sex events, one-hour hotels, number of restaurants selling aphrodisiacs, the number of people there who log on to fetish sites, and in particular, OnlyFans, then the title is beyond the “most seductive” and becomes a synonym for most horny and lustful.

And the winner is…

London! Like most people, you probably expected to hear Las Vegas, but Sin City came in second. Third place, you can probably guess, is New York City. Fourth went to Madrid, Spain, and rounding out for the fifth most-horny was Paris, France.