Woman Swallows Wedding Ring Thanks to Nightmare


Talk about a dream come true! Or maybe a nightmare. This California woman realized just how intense dreams can be when she woke up from one and realized it had, in fact, come true – she swallowed her diamond engagement ring.

Shutterstock woman swallows wedding ring nightmare feat

One quick trip to Urgent Care and a minor medical procedure later, she has her ring and fiancé still intact. Also, a recommendation to a sleep study. Who would have guessed?

The Dream That Started It All

Jenna Evans, 29, recently said “yes” to her now-fiance Bobby Howell. They were sleeping next to each other last week when she had a very vivid dream.

Apparently, they were on a high-speed train that was being overtaken by ‘bad guys’, as she puts it. In order to keep her 2.4-carat diamond engagement ring safe, Bobby told her the only solution would be to swallow it.

So she pulled it off her finger, and down the hatch it went.

In the dream, she downed the ring with a glass of water. As she was swallowing was about the time she realized what was actually happening, the glass of water from her bedside in her hand.

Thinking there was no way she actually swallowed the ring, Evans set the water aside and went back to sleep.

When she woke up, however, the ring was gone.

Doctors Confused, But Helpful

Evans said that she had to shamefully admit to her fiancé when she woke up and realized her engagement ring was missing that she probably swallowed it. She called her mother and did some intense Googling, but apparently, not many adults have this problem.

She and her fiancé went to the local Urgent Care facility, where she had to explain through tears of laughter exactly why they were there. Her doctors seemed skeptical, but humored her and did the x-ray anyway.

Her doctors got serious after they realized that yes, there was a very large diamond ring in her stomach. And no, they shouldn’t let it pass naturally.

One Quick Procedure Later…

Evans was referred to a GI specialist for an emergency appointment, and by the time they realized what had happened, she said she could feel the ring inside of her – and it was not a great feeling at all.

They put her under and removed the ring without issue. Evans said that she had an awful reaction to the anesthesia, but is feeling much better now after rest and recovery… and getting to put the ring back on her finger.

Doctors at the Urgent Care also recommended her for a sleep specialist, because it isn’t very normal for a fully grown adult to swallow a 2.4-carat ring in their sleep. Here’s to hoping Evans recovers quickly, and has a delightful wedding. She certainly has an excellent story!