Woman Plummets 80 Feet While Attempting Crazy Yoga Pose

In an extreme yoga attempt, one college student living in Mexico fell from her sixth-floor balcony earlier this week, plummeting a staggering 80 feet to land on the driveway below.

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Miraculously, she survived. However, she remains in critical condition at a local hospital, and doctors say her chances of walking anytime soon are almost zero.

Yoga Gone Wrong

Alexa Terrazas, 23, is a college student living in a sixth-floor apartment. She was posing for photographs on her balcony and attempting what might be one of the strangest yoga poses we have ever seen when disaster struck.

The picture, taken just minutes before her fall, shows her hanging upside down over the railing. It appears to be a metal edged railing with glass from the top of the metal to the bottom, meaning she was ‘resting’ her torso on the glass while her full weight was balanced on her thighs against the edge of the railing.

The design of this railing is extremely safe… for the normal user. But when she fell, Terrazas had nothing to grab onto, so instead of hanging from the edge and being able to climb her way to safety, she simply dropped.

Not The First Time

Neighbors of this college student said this wasn’t the first time they had seen Terrazas doing something they thought was questionable on her balcony.

According to reports, she regularly hung in strange ways or did yoga on the balcony near the edge, with little concern of the height or the danger associated with it.

Her Injuries Are Extensive

You can’t fall from a balcony on the sixth floor and expect to be fine, unfortunately.

Paramedics were at the scene almost instantly, and they rushed her to a local hospital where she underwent surgery lasting over 11 hours. Friends of Terrazas went on social media asking people to donate blood, as local blood banks were running dangerously low.

Reports from local media say that Terrazas fractured or outright broke at least half of the bones in her body. Both legs and both arms were fractured, as well as injury to her head and hips.

Doctors say it could be upwards of three years before she regains the ability to walk. When injuries as extensive as this are sustained, she must first heal the bones before re-learning to walk during a physical rehab program.

Authorities were initially concerned that this was an accident due to faulty design, but after investigating her apartment balcony, they determined there was nothing structurally wrong with the railing at all.

It was simply a young girl who was convinced nothing bad could ever happen, so she made a terrible mistake that will be with her for the rest of her life.