Trump’s Golfing Now at 102 Million, More Than 3 Times the Cost of the Mueller Investigation

Time and time again, right-leaning news outlets and GOP lawmakers have reiterated that the Mueller investigation allegedly wasted government funds. Even Trump himself has called it a huge waste of money.

Trump Golfing

Now, an exclusive report published by HuffPost reveals that Trump has spent three times as much on his golf outings. And, again, that’s also at the expense of taxpayers. Plus, much of the money is also being spent at his own resort properties.

Golfing at Trump Resorts

Several watchdog groups have expressed concerns about the nature of Trump’s golf trips. Many believe that not only is he using taxpayer dollars to play golf, he’s also increasing his own companies’ coffers.

His golf habit has cost the American people at least $102 million now in travel expenses and security costs.

Plus, Trump also has a seven-figure, presidential trip planned to Ireland next month, too. It initially seemed as if there were no meetings scheduled and this was simply another golfing trip. However, the White House has since announced he’ll be meeting with Prime Minister Leo Varadkar. Regardless, the meeting will not be held far from Trump’s resort in Doonbeg.

Perhaps people have forgotten his campaign promise that he would abstain from golfing entirely during his presidency.

The Financial Breakdown

HuffPost’s analysis puts Trump’s two dozen trips to his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida at $81 million. His 15 trips to New Jersey, they say, cost another $17 million.

Then, they add another $1 million to visit his Los Angeles Resort and $3 million for two days in Scotland.

“$1.3 million of which went just for rental cars for the massive entourage that accompanies a president abroad,” they noted, regarding the trip to Scotland.

The total spent on Trump’s golf trips, HuffPost points out, is more than “255 times the annual presidential salary he volunteered not to take.” Additionally, it’s “more than three times the cost of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.”