Trump Humiliates Melania as She Boards Marine One

As Melania Trump and her husband, Donald Trump boarded Marine One, something embarrassing happened. As the couple walked from their limo to the helipad to board Marine One, cameras detected something… strange.

Of course, Melania has had her share of time in the spotlight, but it’s not often so embarrassing as it was this time.

Melania and Trump walk together through a windy area
Getty Images via Express

What did Trump do That Was so Embarrassing to Melania?

Trump, not exactly known for his grace and poise, doesn’t often make headlines for his decorum. Quite to the contrary, this incident was spurred by an unusual accessory the president was sporting when he stepped out of the limo – toilet paper. For whatever reason, this wasn’t the first time Trump was spotted with that same accessory stuck to the bottom of his shoe.

Many on Twitter commented that this is rapidly becoming Trump’s signature look. In 2018, while exiting Air Force One, Trump was spotted with a piece of toilet paper stuck to the bottom of his shoe. This goofy but admittedly gross tendency doesn’t mean much on its own, though it is completely embarrassing: both for Trump and the FLOTUS.

Melania Trump is no Stranger to Public Embarrassment

Since her husband narrowly won the Electoral College, Melania has been thrust into the spotlight in a very unceremonious manner. She spent her early career as a model largely in front of a camera but out of the public discourse, so her newfound position has offered some degree of an awkward transition.

For a case in point, look no further than the FLOTUS’s complete lack of decorum at this year’s Veteran’s Day Parade. While Taps was played, she stood still, not placing her hand over her heart. Meanwhile, her husband had his hand firmly over his heart, as did all others present who weren’t in uniform. This, of course, is customary and to be expected of any head of state, including the First Lady.

Some online have pointed out that Melania, who is a Slovenian immigrant, may have simply not been told about many of the customs and social norms that she would need to adhere to as the first lady. This, in turn, could explain the numerous awkward scenarios she finds herself in while in the public eye.