TikTok to limit under-18 screen time – but US may ban app entirely


TikTok to limit under 18 screen time, House panel votes to advance bill empowering Biden to ban TikTok, Arrest warrant for top NFL draft prospect, Jupiter to “kiss” Venus on Wednesday, Rapper Kodak Black ordered to attend drug rehab.

TikTok to limit screen time to 1 hour for those under 18

TikTok announced Wednesday a default limit of one-hour daily screen time limit for users under the age of 18. Once the 60-minute limit is reached, users will be prompted to enter a passcode, which will require them to make a decision to extend their time on the app.

The company says that if a user turns off this 60-minute and spends more than 100 minutes on TikTok daily, they will be prompted to set a daily screen time limit for themselves, CNN reported.

The changes come as TikTok faces mounting pressure from the US, including a possible ban.

House panel votes to advance bill empowering Biden to ban TikTok

The House Foreign Affairs Committee is fast-tracking legislation to make it easier for the United States to ban TikTok. It seeks to empower the Biden administration to impose a nationwide TikTok ban under the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA), CNN reported.

The bill specifically names TikTok and its parent, ByteDance, and requires President Joe Biden to impose penalties, and potentially a ban, if the administration determines they may have knowingly transferred TikTok’s user data to “any foreign person” working for or under the influence of the Chinese government.

Arrest warrant for top 2023 NFL draft prospect

An arrest warrant has been issued for Jalen Carter, 21, a star defensive lineman for Georgia who is currently at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, for allegations of racing and driving recklessly in a crash that killed one of his teammates and a team staff member, according to police, the New York Post reported.

Georgia player Devin Willock and recruiting analyst Chandler LeCroy died in the crash of the 2021 Jeep Trackhawk Carter was driving on January 15. The Athens-Clarke County Police Department said in a release that: “Evidence indicated that shortly before the crash the Expedition was traveling at about 104 miles per hour.”

Allegedly, Carter told police he was a mile away from the crash, then later said he was following the car that crashed into a vehicle alongside. Carter allegedly left the crash and returned 90 minutes later.

Jupiter to “kiss” Venus on Wednesday

A conjunction between Jupiter and Venus has been bringing them closer together day by day, and on Wednesday night, as the two planets move to pass one another on Wednesday, they will appear to “kiss” in the night sky.

The two planets will appear above the horizon in the western sky around 6:58 PM ET and will be visible to the naked eye, NASA said, CNN reported.

At their closest, the two planets are expected to be only a half-degree apart, about the diameter of a full moon, the Royal Astronomical Society in the United Kingdom said. The two planets will continue to appear close together throughout the week.

Rapper Kodak Black ordered to attend drug rehab

A warrant for the arrest of Rapper Kodak Black, 25, was issued earlier this month after he failed to show up for a scheduled drug test on February 3. He finally took one on February 8, which came back positive for fentanyl, according to the Broward County Sheriff’s office.

On Tuesday, the rapper was ordered to attend drug rehab for 30 days after violating his bail terms, NBC News reported. The judge allowed him to remain free until March 7, allowing him to perform at the Rolling Loud music festival near Los Angeles over the weekend.