This Company is Paying $10k to Find Best BBQ Ribs in U.S

If you have ever dreamt of traveling the U.S. and eating the best BBQ while doing it, does Reynolds Wrap have a job offer for you.


Calling it their ‘Chief Grilling Officer’, Reynolds Wrap (of the aluminum foil we all know) is offering the position to one lucky person. Whoever gets this coveted position will tour the US for two weeks in August to help find the absolute best BBQ ribs that money can buy.

What Does The Position Actually Offer?

The Chief Grilling Officer will receive $5k/week (So $10k total), and the company will pay for all travel and lodging to the restaurants in question. Whoever goes on this trip will be allowed to choose one plus-one to accompany them and eat all of the BBQ the winner does.

The company also asks of the winner to share tips, techniques and photos on the official Reynolds Kitchens website and social media networks, so you better be paying attention to what is going on around you as you travel.

You can submit your application for Chief Grilling Officer on the Reynolds Kitchens official website until Wednesday. Applicants are asked for a picture of them grilling, along with a 100-word essay on why they are the best choice for the position. A cover letter for BBQ deliciousness, if you will.