Tesla leads cops on high-speed chase after driver nods off and more news


A driver naps while Tesla leads cops on a high-speed chase – Mom furious over baby toy from Walmart that makes shocking jokes – Front runner for new James Bond revealed – Future predictions from 1923

A driver took a nap and his Tesla lead cops on a high-speed chase

A driver put his Tesla into autopilot and then fell asleep. The vehicle then accidentally led police on a pursuit that became high-speed at times, as it kept a consistent distance from the patrol car while maintaining a speed of roughly 68 mph. Despite police signals, sirens, and blaring horns, the chase lasted for about 15 minutes until the man finally awoke and complied with police instructions. After the traffic stop, the police concluded the man was under the influence of drugs. The incident occurred in Germany, and the man’s license was revoked, the New York Post reported.

Mom furious over baby toy from Walmart that makes shocking jokes

A mom is furious after purchasing a baby toy from Walmart and discovering that it makes some age-inappropriate jokes, including one about a “drive-by shooting” and a “sexually themed joke about priests.”

The mother posted a video on TikTok, which has now been viewed over 13 million times, playing viewers some of the jokes from the “kids toy,” which she said features “a baby on the box.” The toy is a colorful pretend TV remote control made by the Linsay toy company and purchased at Walmart, the New York Post reported.

In another joke, the mom played for the audience, the toy said: “The Easter Bunny, an honest lawyer, Santa Claus, and a drunk find a $50 bill together. Can you guess who gets to keep it? Of course, it’s the drunk, because the other three don’t exist,” Yahoo reported.

Front runner for new James Bond revealed

Producers have announced the front-runner to replace actor Daniel Craig in the starring role of James Bond in the longtime movie franchise – Aaron Taylor-Johnson, the New York Post reported. The 32-year-old actor, who has starred in movies such as “Avengers: Age of Ultron” and “Bullet Train,” reportedly had a secret audition last year and even met with Bond producer Barbara Broccoli, according to the Daily Mail.

Predictions 100 years ago that hit the mark, and a few that missed wildly

What did people 100 years ago foresee in the year 2023? All kinds of things, and surprisingly, a few predictions were surprisingly accurate, at least very close, the New York Post reported.

The year 2023 will bring “watch-size radio telephones will keep everybody in communication with the ends of the earth,” one writer correctly foresaw.

“The war of 2023 will naturally be a wireless war,” due to “wireless telephony, sight, heat, power and writing,” Archibald Low, who developed the first drone, accurately foresaw.

An article published in the Savannah News predicted women will be shaving their heads and blackening their teeth in 2023, which actually came about sooner. Shaved heads became a celebrity trend in 2022.

And a few huge misses….

“Beauty contests will be unnecessary as there will be so many beautiful people that it will be almost impossible to select winners,” one article predicted.

One newspaper predicted the average lifespan would reach 100 years, while others in 1923 said people may live to be 200 or 300.