Study Says Bald Guys are Smarter, More Successful


    In a world full of Rogaine commercials, some men may worry when they see the first signs of a receding hairline, but fear not!  A new study shows that bald men are actually more intelligent and successful in life than their brethren who sport more luscious locks.

    If you’re worried about hair loss or are already doing bald – know that not all is lost, pun intended.  You actually have a huge advantage in life, and we’ll explain why.

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    Study Says, If You’re Bald, You Win the Genetic Lottery

    A study was conducted by Professor Dr. Frank Muscarella, hailing from Barry University, that sheds interesting light on why it’s actually a pro to suffer from hair loss.  For starters, if you’re bald, you’re more likely to be seen as someone with a higher social status and have a more ‘dominant’ presence than those who have hair.

    Granted, while the study also showed that men who have hair are considered more attractive, social status and dominance absolutely go a long way.

    That’s not all!  The study also rated the male participants according to the following criteria:  aggressiveness, attractiveness, maturity, and appeasement.  They showed random people photos of the same men, but some photos showed the men as bald, while the others showed them with hair, using digital enhancement.

    The results were surprising (or maybe not so surprising):  the bald versions were found to appear more masculine, intelligent and honest.

    Not the Only Study that Says So

    It wasn’t just Dr. Frank Muscarella who thought to study bald men – Psychologist Albert E. Mannes from the University of Pennsylvania did the same, and also found that bald men were more likely to be perceived as more dominant, successful and strong.  Even better, he found that they are seen as being sexier!

    The only crux is that bald men were also found to be considered older – but the side effect of that is also good news, as older is often correlated as being more intelligent and wise.

    One warning though.  If you’re only kind of bald, or you have a bald spot or thinning hair, you may as well go all the way and shave it off.  These studies are only accurate for truly bald men, and those with a little hair were considered less masculine and weak.