Shake Out of a Cocktail Rut with These Mixology Trends


There’s only so many cosmopolitans or margaritas you can drink before things get boring. With an emphasis on unusual ingredients and sustainability, the current cocktail trends are refreshing in more ways than one. Next time you hit up the bar, look for something a little different and try one of these enticing drinks.

Get Your Veggies

You’ve probably encountered a cucumber-mint mixed drink before, but bartenders are thinking even farther outside the box these days. Juice and purees from beets, celery, carrots, and peppers have been popping up in trendy cocktails. For example, spiking a traditional margarita with celery juice gives the drink an earthier flavor that’s far from ordinary.

The Wonder Spice

Turmeric is everywhere right now. Well, it’s been around for millennia in traditional medicine and cooking, but Western culture has just now figured out how great it is. Turmeric is similar to ginger in flavor and gives curry its distinctive golden-yellow color. It’s rich in antioxidants, too. And yes, you can add it to a drink. Consider a simple syrup steeped with turmeric root and blended with tequila and cilantro. Can’t you just imagine sipping on that alongside a plate of spicy food? Delish!

Fermented Everything

Fermented foods like kimchi, yogurt, and kombucha have long been known for their probiotic power. But how does that translate into a cocktail? Surprisingly well, actually. Look for creamy, tart mixed drinks made with kefir or a Kombucha base instead of a traditional seltzer or soda water. Many folks swear that fermented foods can help prevent nausea, so maybe a Kombucha cocktail will prevent a hangover. It’s worth a shot!


Green mixology has nothing to do with adding peppermint schnapps to your drink. Instead, it’s a focus on sustainable, ethical practices. We’re already seeing that in agriculture, so why not at your local bar, too? Cutting down on waste is a huge factor, and you’ll no doubt be seeing more and more environmentally conscious practices behind the bar. People are also more eager to buy local instead of using ingredients that need to be shipped hundreds or thousands of miles.

CBD-Laced Cocktails

CBD is a compound derived from marijuana, so your mileage may vary if you’re looking for a drink spiked with cannabidiol. CBD has been linked to soothing anxiety and fighting inflammation, plus helping you feel chill without some of the negative effects of other marijuana products. CBD oil pairs well with whiskey and gin, and cutting-edge mixologists are experimenting with ways to use it in their signature drinks.

Ditch the Sugar

Trendy drinkers in Europe are moving away from the syrupy-sweet concoctions of yore. They’re more interested in cocktails made with savory or bitter ingredients. Dark chocolate, woodsy herbs like thyme and rosemary, and bitter spirits like mescal are interesting choices.