Sandra Bland Revealed to Have Filmed Police Confrontation Herself


Nearly four years later, new cell phone footage has emerged of the interaction between Sandra Bland and a Texas state trooper that led to her arrest.


The 39-second video was shot from inside the car and shows Texas State Trooper Brian Encinia repeatedly ordering Bland to exit the car before brandishing his Taser at her. Bland then exits the car, and the pair then walk to the curb where Encinia demands Bland to stop filming.

Two weeks later, Bland hung herself in her jail cell. In 2016, her family won a $1.9 million wrongful death settlement, however, the new footage has some calling to re-open the case.

He Said vs. They Said

While the Blands and their lawyer claim they did not have access to the footage during the case, the Texas Department of Public Safety says the video isn’t new and was used in the investigation.

The new film could have possibly provided further evidence against Encinia’s claim that he had feared for his safety during the traffic stop.