Pastor Dies From COVID-19 After Defiantly Holding Services and More News

Virginia Pastor Dies From Coronavirus After Defiantly Holding Church Services; Coronavirus Testing Centers Easy to Find Thanks to Apple Maps; and the Real Reason a Tiger Received a COVID-19 Test.

Bishop Gerald Glenn
The New Deliverance Evangelistic Church via NYPost | Bishop Gerald Glenn

Virginia Pastor Dies From Coronavirus After Defiantly Holding Church Services

Just weeks after vowing to keep his church services open despite the coronavirus threat, and proudly showing off how packed his church was–a Virginia pastor died from COVID-19.

Bishop Gerald O. Glenn said that he planned to continue preaching “unless I’m in jail or the hospital,” and his last known service in-person happened on March 22. During this service, he got his congregation to stand, proving how many of them were willing to be present.

“I firmly believe that God is larger than this dreaded virus. You can quote me on that,” he said to a chorus of clapping, while he said that “people are healed” in his church.

He announced that he was “in violation” of safety protocols with “way more than 10 people,” and admitted that he was being “controversial.” He said, “I am essential. I’m a preacher–I talk to God!”

However, this past Sunday his church announced “with an exceedingly sorrowful and heavy heart,” that the Bishop had died after being diagnosed with the coronavirus. His wife, Marcietia Glenn, has also been diagnosed with COVID-19.

Their daughter, Mar-Gerie Crawley, said that Glenn had initially dismissed the symptoms he was having because he believed they were related to another condition he has. She is urging everyone to take precautions and to stay home.

“It becomes very real to you,” she said to WTVR after her parents became sick. “I just beg people to understand the severity and the seriousness of this, because people are saying it’s not just about us, it’s about everyone around us.”

Because of the threat of the virus, many churches are now opting for video conferencing instead of in-person services.

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Coronavirus Testing Centers Easy to Find Thanks to Apple Maps

One thing that WHO has repeatedly called for, along with scientists, is the need for more coronavirus testing. Thing is, it isn’t always easy to figure out where the closest COVID-19 testing centers are.

Apple is hoping to make things a little easier by pinpointing test centers with their Maps app.

Over the weekend, Apple introduced a new portal. It allows hospitals and other facilities to register themselves as coronavirus testing centers. This was first noticed by 9to5Mac.

Apple will first verify the locations, and then make them available for view on Apple Maps. The app will also note if the location requires you to pre-book an appointment and if a drive-thru option is available.

If you own such a location, you can find more information here about how to register your workplace.

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The Real Reason a Tiger Received a COVID-19 Test

When a Bronx Zoo tiger recently tested positive for COVID-19, it left many people asking questions. Such as, why would the zoo test a tiger for coronavirus in the first place?

Bronx Zoo veterinarian Paul Calle explains why:

“Nadia was not coming around and was getting a little worse, so we anesthetized her in order to treat her,” he said.

“We did x-rays and ultrasounds and we did blood work. We ran lots of tests, panels for normal domestic cat infectious diseases.”

The zoo decided to test the tiger for coronavirus since there were so many cases in the city.

And not only did they test her once, they tested her three times. They took samples from the back of her throat, her trachea and from her nasal cavity.

Leyi Wang, the veterinary virologist who created the tests used on Nadia said, “We used a similar molecular test as the human test.”

Once Nadia’s tests came back positive, they had them independently confirmed as well.

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