The natural thought when you want to add some color to a room is to add color to the walls. Although a bit of paint on any wall can go a long way and make a remarkable difference, sometimes just a ‘hint’ of color is just what you need.

In almost any room, consider adding color to the doors and/or trim instead of changing the wall color.



One of my favorite ways to add color to a room are the doors. A door by nature is a small focal point of any room. Whether it be the opening to a room or the door to the closet, you can’t hide them, so why not beautify them!

My personal preference is to add multiple colors, blending them so that the door is not just one color, but an array of multiple, coordinating colors that add a big splash of color. The best thing about this method is you can match any existing wall color without having to match the color precisely.


For a more uniform, whole room effect, the trim is a perfect choice. For darker walls, a light color can become a fresh focal point while toning down the boldness of the dark wall color. Add some warmth and character with mid-tone neutral shades.

This is also a great choice to create a more elegant, sophisticated impression. Add a new hue to any room by using bold, bright colors for the trim. Bolder colors are the perfect way to accent your favorite art piece, add complexity to the room or showcase your room.

If you don’t know where to start with selecting the perfect door or trim colors, head to your local home improvement or paint store and start with coordinating swatches. Find swatches close to your wall color and consider the coordinating colors as options. Most retailers offer 8-ounce sample sizes of paint which is a great way to test out the color before you commit to the whole room makeover.