Mister Rogers Used Farts to Make his Wife Laugh


Mister Roger’s widow revealed a lot of charming, sweet facts about their relationship, including how Fred Rogers would fart just to make her laugh.  Yes, that Mister Rogers.

Mister Rogers widow stands in front of a Fred Rogers postage stamp
AP via Jezebel

Mister Roger’s Widow Discusses the Relationship She Had with Her Husband

His widow, Joanne Rogers, featured in the Los Angeles Times, discussed her personal relationship with Fred Rogers that began when she was 24 years old.  She confessed that she kept all of the love letters that he sent to her and that even his proposal to her was done in writing.

How Mister Rogers Used Farts to Make his Wife Laugh

Joanne Rogers also admitted that she and Mister Rogers were pretty bad at kissing at first, but got better – and then talked about the funny, quirky things he’d do just to make her laugh… namely, by farting in front of her.

“He would just raise one cheek and he would look at me and smile, “ she said, cracking herself up.

The onscreen persona we knew and loved about Mister Rogers doesn’t seem like the type that would raise butt cheeks and fart adoringly at his wife, but you have to admit that this only makes him seem all that more real, and it is rather endearing in a way.

Four Facts about Joanne and Fred Rogers

Farts aside, here are a few more fast facts about Mister Roger’s relationship with his wife.

They met in college and were married for 50 years before Fred Rogers died in 2003 from stomach cancer.  His wife was by his side when it happened, and they were known for loving each other very, very much.

Joanne Rogers said that Fred was her icon, saying, “Before he was anybody else’s icon, he was my icon.”  The feeling was obviously mutual, considering Fred’s comment about how his wife made people feel appreciated:

“That’s about as close as we get to the Eternal.  God is the great appreciator.  We are created in God’s image, so naturally, the best thing in life is to be able to appreciate your neighbor and allow your neighbor to feel appreciated.”

They have two sons, James and John Rogers.  James was born in 1959, and John was born in 1961.

Fred Rogers wasn’t the only talent in the family!  Joanne Rogers is an accomplished musician who taught at Chatham College’s preparatory school of music during the late 1950s, and also spent time teaching at the Carlow College.  She and a college friend, Jeannine Morrison, spent time performing on tour from 1976 until 2008.