Man Scammed Free KFC For an Entire Year, Arrested for Claiming to Be From ‘Head Office


It was the perfect free food scam… or so one student thought. A 27-year-old believed he’d come up with the perfect way to get free food. And in fact, it worked brilliantly for a year.

Posing as a boss from the “head office,” the unidentified student from KwaZulu Natal University would arrive at various KFC locations around Durban, South Africa, pulling up in a limousine. (He had a friend that was a part-time limo driver who worked with him as an accomplice).

man scores free kfc for a year arrested feat

Told Staff He Was Testing the Standards

The student dressed the part, carried a clipboard with him, and even had an ID card that had the words “head office.” He would tell the staff he was testing the standards at the location, and would even be allowed to walk into the back of the kitchen, where he would take some notes and sample food.

The man seemed to know what he was doing, asking all the right questions, completely fooling the staff.

But like all best-laid plans, something eventually goes wrong. The student’s ruse was uncovered and authorities arrested him. However, people on social media are calling him a genius and praising him for the dedication it took to work out such a plan in detail and have it work for an entire year.