Madonna Rushed to Hospital, Cancels Shows for Health Reasons

Madonna canceled shows while on her Madame X Tour, claiming on Instagram that the pain she’s in right now is overwhelming. The legendary 61-year-old singer is currently hospitalized over her medical concerns.

Recently, she was seen in a hospital bed with her children by her side.

Madonna lays on a hospital bed with one of her daughters
Instagram | Madonna

Why Did Madonna Go to the Hospital?

The star wrote on Instagram “the pain I’m in right now is overwhelming and I must rest and follow doctor’s orders so I can come back stronger and better”. She added that she’s being treated by osteopath Jean Michel Ete, and she’s receiving autohemotherapy, a process by which ozone is mixed into her blood and added back to her body.

The singer had to cancel three shows over the weekend at Boston’s Boch Center Wang Theater, saddening fans. She’s promised, however, that she’ll return for the four shows at the Metropolitan Opera House in Philadelphia starting on Saturday. Fans are eagerly awaiting her return to the stage!

Madonna Pursues Traditional Medicine

To address her pain, Madonna sought out traditional medicine to help with her physical state. On Instagram, the superstar shared images of her treatment, which included Tibetan singing bowls, a foot massage, and autohemotherapy. Madonna’s daughters, twins Stelle and Estere, 7, appear to take interest in the odd-looking treatment in pictures shared online.

At one point, Madonna can be seen in a video looking a bit shocked over the amount of blood drawn from her by the doctors. She mentions that it looks like “a big bag of beet juice.” Madonna can be heard discussing the frequency of her treatments, while her doctor tells her they want to start slow and see how she reacts to the autohemotherapy.

Madonna Scheduling Trouble Continues

This isn’t the first scheduling issue Madonna has had with this US tour. In fact, there’s a class action suit opened against her due to the sudden rescheduling of many tour dates from 8:30 in the evening to 10:30, while ticket holders weren’t offered a refund.

Of course, 10:30 Madonna tickets don’t resell for the same price as 8:30 Madonna tickets, so fans are seeking financial restitution from the pop legend.