Legendary Astrologer Dies at Age 87


The astrologer who predicted Madonna’s Evita role and Bill Clinton becoming the president has passed away at the Auxilio Mutuo Hospital in San Juan this past weekend, after several years of major health issues.

Walter Mercando, best known for his amazing predictions and over-the-top outfits and attitude, officially passed from kidney failure at the age of 87.

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Getty Images via Dailymail

There is no word on when this legend moved from South Florida, which was his home for many years, to Puerto Rico where he grew up, or how long he had been hospitalized.

Walter Mercando’s Amazing Psychic Career

Mercando first started working for TV stations in Ponce, Peurto Rico where he was born and raised before he moved to South Florida to pursue his dreams.

He became an instant success on Spanish-language television broadcast in the United States for his daily horoscope segment, where he wore outlandish costumes, flashy gemstone jewelry, and delivered his predictions with an exaggerated and over-the-top accent.

On his costumes and fabulous outfits, a New York University professor wrote that “he endows the drag queen with papal authority” while doing a critique of his segment.

Incredible Psychic Predictions, Come True

Whether you believe in psychics or not, Mercando’s career was long-lasting and very impressive. And he even got some very detailed predictions extremely correct.

Before Bill Clinton was first elected president, Mercando said that there was no doubt that he would win. And as we all know, that did happen.

He also famously predicted that Madonna would get the part of Eva Peron in the film version of Evita, despite her having little film experience at that point and only being known as a singer. Despite many not believing him, Mercando was right, and Madonna killed it in Evita.

Not enough for you? Mercando predicted Sister Teresa’s death accurately before she passed away, and the birth of Julio Iglesia’s son.

50 Years of Walter Mercando

Currently, at the History Miami Museum, there is an exhibit called “The Mucho Amore: 50 years of water Mercando”, which features many of his iconic outfits and talks about his impact on Latin-American culture and life.

Despite never publically speaking about his sexuality, Mercando was a major gay icon for the Latin-American community as a whole and is credited with changing the culture and mindset of the times.

Mercando’s health had been deteriorating for several years, since 2011 when a case of pneumonia left him in the hospital and ultimately led to a heart attack.

At the exhibit, a recorded video seems to hint that Mercando knew his time was near. He told fans that he wanted to be remembered with love, compassion, and understanding.