KFC’s Latest Chicken Sandwich Starts New Viral Craze


Move over, Popeyes and Chick-fil-A, because KFC has just thrown down the deep-fried gauntlet and challenged your tastebuds to a flavor battle. You’ve heard of chicken and waffles, but can you handle chicken and… doughnuts?

KFC’s Bold Move

KFC’s new sandwich, currently being tested in select markets, pairs their iconic fried chicken with a pair of sweet, glazed doughnuts instead of a bun. That’s right, we’re talking crispy breaded chicken with those 11 secret herbs and spices, all wrapped up in a pillowy cloud of fried sugar.

Is that delicious or disgusting? Unfortunately, you won’t be able to find out for yourself unless you live in the Hampton Roads region of Virginia or in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. KFC is doing a test run of their doughnut mad science experiment at more than 40 restaurants in those regions starting on September 16.

If the good people of Norfolk, Richmond, and Pittsburgh like it, then you may get a chance to taste the Colonel’s sweet-and-salty creation soon.

Take My Money!

KFC is offering a couple of different combinations of doughnuts and chicken, including a basket meal with a doughnut on the side in place of a biscuit, as well as the full-on sandwich. Prices range from $5.49 for the basket and $5.99 for the sandwich, but you can also buy the doughnuts a la carte for a dollar each.

Those doughnuts are delivered pre-cooked to the stores, then re-fried and glazed with vanilla icing right before serving. KFC promises that they’ll be fresh, hot, and tasty even though they aren’t made from scratch.

Stunt or Snack?

Here’s the real question: Is the KFC chicken and doughnuts sandwich a stunt or a legitimate snack? Thanks to the Popeyes chicken sandwich craze, fast food restaurants are battling for supremacy on social media, and the brands are all stunting for our attention.

Most recently, Popeyes cheekily suggested that we can all make our own chicken sandwiches by bringing our buns. Now KFC is daring us to take a walk on the wild side. Will you accept that dare–or are they just playing chicken with the internet?

Their doughnut sammie is already going viral, and Twitter is divided on whether the KFC Chicken & Donuts menu is a delicious innovation or a sign of the end times. Would you take a road trip to try it out, or are you happy sticking with a traditional savory sandwich?