Don’t let outdated home décor drag you down! Evict these trends of the past and update your pad. You deserve to live in the current decade, my friend.

Wallpaper Borders

If you grew up in the 80s or 90s, your house probably had a wallpaper border in at least one room. Leave the past where it belongs and strip these outdated home décor nightmares from your walls. While you’re at it, paint over the “artistic” sponge-painted walls, too.

White Rooms

While a white-on-white decorating scheme seemed like a breath of fresh air 2 decades ago after the fussiness of 80s country style, people quickly realized that it’s very hard to keep an all-white room clean.

Pastel Bathrooms

Not gonna lie, there’s a certain retro chic to the pink or powder blue bathrooms of the 50s and 60s. If you have a pastel bathroom in your house, the only way it’s going to work is to lean into the kitsch. Otherwise, you’re best bet is to remodel in a neutral palette.

Heavy Wood Paneling

Nothing screams 70s quite like a room that’s entirely covered in vertical wood panels. It’s like hardwood floors for your walls! ThisBrady Bunch look is so far in the past that it’s not even retro. You can either tear the paneling down and refinish the walls or, if you have budget concerns, prime and paint a nice, light neutral color.

Bathroom Carpets

No. Just…no. There’s no good reason to put a carpet in your bathroom. Tear that out and put down tile, stat! Bathroom carpets retain moisture and germs, making them into veritable petri dishes.

Chevrons Everywhere

It was only a few years ago that we were cheerfully putting chevrons on everything from throw pillows to area rugs. It was trendy for a hot minute, but you’re better off ignoring Pinterest trends and sticking to classic styles unless you want to redecorate every few years.

Popcorn Ceilings

These beasties are dreaded for good reason. Popcorn ceilings were once considered a must-have, but if you’ve ever tried to have one removed, you know why they’re so hated now. They’re dated, a bit tacky, and a pain to deal with. If possible, your best bet might be sheetrocking straight over it!

Edison Bulbs

Leave these trendy bulbs to the coffee shops and farm-to-table restaurants. Do you really want a bare light fixture with these bulbs glaring at you? The industrial-chic look is already on its way out.


What is this, your dorm room? Futons have no place in a modern grownup’s home. If you simply must have a mixed-use piece of furniture, trade up to a classy daybed.

Floral Upholstery

In the 80s, when Laura Ashley ruled the land with an iron first, every home was required to have at least 2 pieces of floral upholstered furniture. Now, those fussy florals in pastel shades just look dated. Although considering Laura Ashley has a capsule collection with Urban Outfitters right now, maybe you should hang on to your mom’s sofa a little while longer…