First Look at Disney’s New Star Wars Themed Attraction, Finally Completed

Instagram | John Boyega

Coming to you a short, short time from now at a theme park not so far away are the new Star Wars-themed lands at Disneyland and Disney World.

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Instagram | John Boyega

Galaxy’s Edge Took 3 Years to Build

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is set to open in the California park on May 31 and on August 29 in Florida. The new, 14-acre feature took only about three years to build, but at a hefty $1 billion price tag for each park.

One of the best looks we have of Galaxy’s Edge comes from the Instagram of actor John Boyega (Finn in the most recent trilogy). The wide shot shows the park’s entire development staff standing amongst alien buildings and a life-size Millennium Falcon.

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Instagram | John Boyega

Another shot taken by a drone last month shows domed buildings under construction that look reminiscent of those on the saga’s desert planets like Tatooine and Jakku.

New Frontiers for Kids and Adults Alike

However, guests won’t be exploring either of those planets or any they’ve ever seen in the films. The new park instead portrays Batuu, a newly-imagined planet designed to fit within series canon.

Inside Batuu’s Black Spire Outpost, visitors are invited to ride two new attractions. One has guests flying a mission aboard the Millennium Falcon, with riders’ performance as pilot or gunner impacting how the park’s characters interact with them later at the park’s cantina.

The other, ‘Rise of the Resistance’, is a 28-minute dark ride that Disney Imagineer Scott Trowbridge calls “the most epic attraction we’ve ever built.” The ride takes place in Disney’s largest show buildings ever constructed and features over 300 animated objects.

And just because Star Wars takes place a long time ago doesn’t mean it can’t still be with the times: the park’s Oga’s Cantina will serve alcohol to the public, making it the first place in Disneyland to do so.